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About Us

Our passion has alwasy been race and rally cars for far too many decades now, our first rally was all the way back in 1986. It was clear from the very first days that bulding race cars was perhaps the key part of racing that we enjoyed the most. 

Over many years of competiting nothing comes close to embodying that passion more perfectly than Ferrari. There is some special about the Ferrari engines of the 1970s' through to the 2000s which we just love to work on. So our goal has been for many years to bring our knowledge of racing and our passion for Ferrari togethor in a way that we would enjoy.

Where are we ?
We are located just outside Huntingdon in Cambridgshire. There is easy access via a number of major roads including the  A1, A14, A428 just to name a few.



We like to be a bit different in our approach, does your Ferrari specialist have....

4-Axis CNC Mill

We use our 4 axis monster for head porting and precision machining. A 5th axis upgrade is planned.

Manual & CNC Lathe

The manual lathe is used for large one of parts and the CNC being a bit smaller is our workhorse for smaller precision parts.

Manual Mill

Our workhorse for general milling 

CNC Plasma

Our CNC plasma has a work space envelop of 2m x 1.5m.

CNC Gantry Router - Mold Making 

Need a mold or buck up to1.5m x 1.5m in size.
Do you you want to make every panel on your car out of carbon fibre and to be able to make repeatable parts, that's why we have it.

Engine Dyno

By now you can see we are very focused on engine development and ensuring we can validate our engine programmes with real testing before the engine goes anywhere near a car.


This one is very unusual, but if you want to test different valve configurations this is essential.

Damper Dyno

An essential piece of test equipment for any race team, but it has proven itself valuable given the age that most dampers on Ferrari's


The final piece of the puzzel as far as total car development goes, we do not use it so much for boasting about bhp but rather to ensure that the ECU maps are correct.

Lots and lots of other items 

Too many items to mention from laser wheel alignment, CO2 analysers to AC servicing equipment in our in-house powder coating and anodising.  There's just too much to talk about here.

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