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Services: Suspension, Geometry and Dampers


Damper Testing, Calibration and Rebuilding

Dampers need attention too, you can not expect that they are still working as they should after 20 years or more since leaving the factory. We can test your dampers on our race damper dyno and if needed perform a rebuild.


Suspension Geometry

There is no need to make excuses for how your Ferrari handles. With our experience we can set the geometry, ride heights and corner weights of your Ferrari so that it handles like a super car should.



Do you take a deep breath every time you drop into a compression on your favourite B road. You're just waiting to hear the car scrape the road surface yet again. Well we can stop that once and for all. 

Services: Engines & Gearboxes


Gearboxes and Torque Tubes

We have developed our own torque tube bearing replacement kit, that saves £££ over the OEM item.

Tired of that funny sound from your 456GTA auto box - we can solve that for you.


Engine Rebuilds

With engines being 10+ years old, it may be time to have a look inside and treat these amazing engines to a refresh.


Engine Dyno

Our Superflow 902 dyno is the heart of our engine test and validation work. All engine rebuilds we perform are dyno tested.


Fuel Injector Test & Calibration

With our cars  well past 20yrs old and some closer to 30. They will certainly need a clean and a proper calibration test to ensure they are all working to spec. 


F1 System Repairs

Having issues with your F1 system? Have you been quoted to replace the entire system? No worry we can repair it.


Headlamp Motor

Ferrari used variants of this geared motor across many models and eventually they need serviced. Don't worry if yours is not working well, send it to us and we will get it working again.



Cup Holders

Do you wish for cup holders in your 456, 550 or 575 !


Torque Tube Bearing Kit

Our torque tube bearing kit will save you $$$ over the OEM offering plus we throw in the front b/h bearing as well.


Cam & Flywheel Locks

Need to lock that flywheel or Cams to do a belt change. We have the answer with our aluminium locks.


Custom Hats

Custom hats made to spec. 


Custom Foot Pedals

You like the look of aluminium foot pedals but need something a little unique - we can do that.


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